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Psalm 25:4-5

Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths;

guide me in your truth and teach me,

for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long (NIV)

Drench yourself in words unspoken, Live your life with arms wide open,

Today is where your book begins, The rest is still unwritten. ("Unwritten" by Natasha Beddingfield)

It matters not how long we live, but how!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Christ's Home

I'm an avid follower of CSI's and mostly NCIS. The one thing that has really struck me in watching those shows, is when the investigators go through the victim's house. Now, aside from how neat and tidy the home is (who lives like that?), I've stopped to ponder, 'Hmm, wonder if they have things tucked away in drawers that they'd be mortified to have someone find?' (not that it matters at that point, but you get my drift).

And that made me think even further . . . "Do I? Is there anything I have in my possession that would shock and embarrass my children to find if I were to die?" I remember when my grandaddy died, the whole family gathered around the bed in one room and went through the drawers of mementos and pictures he had saved. Oh the stories that we told as my aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, and I shared with one another the blessing of this man's impact in each of our lives. There was so much laughter and heartfelt love through our tears. Will I leave that kind of mark on those I leave behind? I'm striving for that!

I'm reminded of a wonderful little booklet by Robert Boyd Munger, entitled My Heart, Christ's Home, that I first read in college waaayyy back. In it, your life is referred to as a home, with different rooms signifying different things. One particular part talks about choosing things to read, listen to, or even watch on tv (and, of course, now that includes the Internet). Would you choose those things those things if Christ was sitting beside you, doing it with you? Well, really . . . He is! So, if we wouldn't, perhaps we should rid our homes of it . . . figuratively and literally.

I hope I'm here 'til a ripe old age, but if not . . . my kids will find only drawers filled with encouraging writings, plenty of heartfelt memories of schoolwork I swelled with pride at keeping, and tons of love too (well, ok . . .you got me . . .junk too!).

Hmm? I gotta run. I feel a cleaning spree coming on. Care to join me?

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